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Hedderman Stucco

With our Stucco division, we offer a visual examination of the condition of the stucco, exterior sealants, flashings, windows, doors, roof-to ­stucco transitions, parapets, gutters, deck-to ­building connections, stucco terminations and any penetrations through the stucco. Furthermore, we conduct invasive moisture testing of the building envelope, type up a thorough report of our observations of potential problem areas including any high moisture readings found and offer detailed information on typical moisture-­related problems in stucco homes to assist you in maintaining the value of your home.
A repair follow-up inspection should be conducted within three months after completion of the repairs to assess the effectiveness of the moisture modifications.  This is extremely important.  Annual Inspections should also be scheduled to ensure that your stucco system remains dry.  This way, any sealant failures, stucco cracks, etc. can be caught and repaired promptly.  Testing and maintaining your home on a regular basis is the best way to prevent costly repairs associated with moisture damage.  Also, for homeowners who decide to sell their home, annual inspections and maintenance documentation will be a valuable selling tool, providing evidence to show that your home has been inspected and maintained. 
Checking the stucco includes drilling small holes (3/8th inch in diameter) about 1" into the stucco at any areas that are considered vulnerable to moisture.  The holes are properly sealed and texture matched so they blend back into the wall finish.​​
Causes of leaking

- Improperly Wrapped Windows
- Lack of Kick-out Flashing at roof/wall intersections
- Lack of sealing around penetrations
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